Midweek Musings: Mundane Mess

Mess. I live my life surrounded by mess. No matter how often I declutter or tidy the house, it is a midden at least 95% of the time.

I understand that with three young children my house will never be Instagram perfect all of the time, but I do wonder how others seem to keep a lid on total mayhem!

Tidying up after my children is one of the most frustrating but necessary tasks that makes mum life mundane. For me, it’s the food mess that drives me mad! As soon as I’ve cleaned the kitchen table, floors and worktop from breakfast it’s trashed again within what feels like seconds! Without wishing my children’s life’s away, I long for the day that they can eat like civilised people. Unlike the current animalistic shove as much food in my mouth as quickly as possible while spilling half on the floor technique!

I hope me and my husband are not alone in the evening ritual of claiming the least messy room to tidy before slumping down on the sofa for 30 minutes before falling asleep. We do occasionally (more than I’d like to admit) decide that life is too short and watch tv amongst the dulplo, cumbs and cars because let’s face it, it’ll be a mess as soon as the kids wake in the morning anyway!

I’m aware that this problem will change as our children grow, but my question is how do people cope in the mean time? Do people tidy frantically behind their children throughout the day? Do they serve food which does not cause havoc on the kitchen floor? I wish I knew the answers, but all I know is that it will be a few more years until I can put the dustpan and brush to the back of the cupboard and enjoy a mess free mealtime with my children.

How I’m tackling the mess!

Ps don’t get me started on the endless washing! 😂

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