Midweek Musings: When The Kids Are Away!

Recently I read an article on whether people enjoy time without their children or not. It got me thinking if people feel the same way that me and my husband do. Child free time for us is bloody exhilarating! I didn’t crave child free time so much when it was just one child I was trying to escape. But with three, I’m running out that door without a backwards glance!

Me and my husband are incredibly lucky to have very supportive and hands on friends and family and since the twins came along have managed to go on two child free breaks and are having a third this week. I really find this time so important to us as a couple. Life at the moment is so busy and with the children, our jobs and the house, we rarely have the energy to have a good catch up, let alone anything else!

Our trip to Rome – October 2018

The article I mentioned earlier discussed these men and woman who don’t like spending time away from their children. Now while I think this is admirable, I have struggled to find any of these people in real life! Are they a myth concocted to make us that enjoy our peace feel guilty? Because if that is the case, it ain’t working. I do not feel guilty when I am sipping cocktails with my pals. I do not feel guilty when me and my husband have a conversation, start to finish without any interruptions!

The main thing for me with child free time is that it makes me a better mum. When my patience is wearing thin, and I’m becoming that screamy mum we all know and don’t particularly love, a wee break from the kids is just the tonic! Even an hour or two can take the edge off and allow me to deal better with the constant muttering of ‘Mummy I’m hungry’.

Now what I do with my child free time is not always glamorous or interesting! I hate housework, but housework in a quiet house is actually quite therapeutic. Sitting on the sofa is another of my favourite things to do without children! Or quite often I am running around like a headless chicken going to shops and organising things for the kids. But at least I’m not dragging three kids along for the fun!

Doing what I do best!

But for me, the most important thing with child free time is it allows me to be me. Not the me I was before kids as that person is long gone. But the me I am now. And let’s face it, when kids come along, your whole identity changes so it’s nice to spend some time learning about the new person I have become.

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