Midweek Musings – How do you choose your pals?

When you’re a kid you choose your friends by what their favourite colour is. Or if they like the same flavour of haribo as you. My favourite dinosaur is a triceratops but I don’t ask potential new friends what there’s is! Well at least not the first time I meet them!

However once we mature into dull and busy adults, our way to choose friends surprisingly doesn’t change. No we might not bond over our favourite park equipment but we do still choose our friends by what their favourite hobbies are, or whether they like the same food as us. As an adult, however there’s a little bit more to it. I’m pretty sure I can speak for most people when I say a lot of the time when you meet someone knew, you’ll know within a few minutes if their ‘your kind of person’.

I think as an adult I look for friends that share similar personality traits that I do. I like to think I’m a pretty honest person and I know for a fact that a large portion of my friends are brutally honest. I love that about them! I also like to socialise and I choose friends who are chatty and love a catch up. And one of the main traits I look for, is pals who like a glass of wine. Now that’s not to say I don’t like people who don’t drink! Of course not! But I do spend a fair bit of time drinking (I do have three kids) and I like company when I’m sipping on my rose wine!

Now one thing that is true of friendship no matter the age is that they can be fluid. During any point in our lives our friends come and go depending on what we have going on at that time. Friends may come and go as you change jobs, move city, get married and have babies. For me, I found this hard to take as a teenager as I worried I had done something wrong or just wasn’t ‘cool’ enough (cringe, I know). However after I got through my early twenties and became more confident in myself I realised it wasn’t personal. Me and my friends were all just looking for people who had the same time consuming hobbies as we did at that time.

While friends may come and go, it is always the best and truest friends who will keep hanging on and keep dipping back into your life. I feel very lucky to have friends I have known for most of my life, and friends who I have only known for a short space of time, both of whom I feel incredibly close with. And I feel grateful that I feel confident enough in myself that when friends dip out for a whole they will either be back in touch down the line, or are just off on a different path. For me, friends are here to eat with, drink with, experience new things with and go through the tough times with and I’m so glad to have the friends that I do.

Now please, tell me what is your favourite dinosaur?

2 thoughts on “Midweek Musings – How do you choose your pals?

  1. That’s very philosophical Kat. I’ll tell you something I’ve become aware of and that is, you may lose touch with friends while they are busy with their families, but you will reconnect with them later, maybe not until you all become grandparents, but that early friendship is still there.

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