Christmas Adventure Calendar

For this weeks blog I wanted to share some of the Christmas traditions we have as a family and most importantly share the adventure calendar I do every year with the kids. I know it’s a little early for all the Christmas chat but I like to get organised for advent.

The tradition of our adventure calendar started in the lead up to Alfie’s first Christmas and first advent calendar. He was coming upto 9 months and obviously weaned onto food. However I wasn’t really keen on him eating chocolate every day for a month. Side note: I am not that mum! I’m pretty sure the twins had chocolate a few days after their first taste of broccoli! I saw another fab mummy on Facebook doing advent with activities instead of chocolate and loved the idea. The idea is very simple, instead of a chocolate (or as well as) you do an activity related to Christina’s. The beauty of this is that you can tailor it to your schedule, the age of your children, and things you already have booked (like Santa visits and nursery parties). 

Being a teacher and loving to get creative, I got started in making 25 little Christmas envelopes that I hung in our living room. Next I planned the activities I would do each day. In following years I haven’t put the activity card in till the night before because our plans quite often change and with it the activity for the day. Over the years I have made a new version each year. The year I was heavily pregnant with the twins, I didn’t make the calendar, I just used a pre bought one with drawers. You can either make your own or if that’s not your bag, then there’s so many gorgeous pre bought ones you can use year after year! Last year with the twins I just adapted the activities to suit their age and Alfie’s age and I plan on doing that again this year. 

At the bottom of this blog I have included my full list of activities you can pinch but I’m sure you all have so many amazing ones and I’d love to be tagged in them so I can pinch them. There’s more than 25 as I always have back ups in case the kids (or me) don’t feel up to something we had planned. I’d also love you to use the hashtag #adventurecalendar so we can all steal each other’s ideas. You only really need 4 or 5 to start you off then you can steal other people’s ideas for the later days. 

Here’s some pictures from some of activities we have done in the past and I’ll be sharing our adventure calender this year on Instagram and Facebook as always. The Christmas spam is about to begin! 

Here is a list of activities I pull from. It is not endless and can be adapted as needed. I really hope I can add to it through the hashtag #adventurecalendar and have more ideas for next year.

  • Write letter to Santa
  • Watch a Christmas film
  • Visit Santa
  • Go to a Christmas party
  • Buy a gift for those less fortunate
  • Make a Christmas card
  • Make a Christmas craft
  • Christmas sensory/messy play
  • Winter walk (count Christmas trees as you go!)
  • Read a Christmas story
  • Pantomime
  • Christmas light show
  • Make a Christmas tree decoration
  • Put up Christmas tree
  • Deliver cards and presents
  • Visit the Christmas market
  • Build a snowman (felt, marshmallow or real snow!)
  • Make own wrapping paper
  • Wear a Christmas jumper
  • Visit a church and learn about the Nativity
  • Donate to food bank
  • Make a paper chain
  • Have a hot chocolate
  • Listen to Christmas music
  • Snowball playdough
  • Homemade Christmas presents
  • Donate old toys to charity
  • Christmas baking (cookeis, gingerbread etc)
  • Open Christmas Eve Box
  • Open presents (this is obviously for Christmas Day)

I hope this is helpful to some of you and can’t wait to see everyone else taking part in Christmas activities, really gets me excited for the big day itself. If you’re not following me already on Instagram then please click on the icon below as I will be popping all our pictures and activities on my grid and stories. And any questions, please use the contact me page on this blog.

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