Christmas Adventure Calendar

For this weeks blog I wanted to share some of the Christmas traditions we have as a family and most importantly share the adventure calendar I do every year with the kids. I know it’s a little early for all the Christmas chat but I like to get organised for advent. The tradition of ourContinue reading “Christmas Adventure Calendar”

Mother’s Lurgy – When the plates start dropping!

Being a mum, or an adult, means there’s normally a lot going on. For me, I’ve always liked the analogy that you are spinning lots of different plates. Now when I imagine this analogy in my head each plate is a different size. Some are big as they take up a lot of your attentionContinue reading “Mother’s Lurgy – When the plates start dropping!”

Midweek Musings – How do you choose your pals?

When you’re a kid you choose your friends by what their favourite colour is. Or if they like the same flavour of haribo as you. My favourite dinosaur is a triceratops but I don’t ask potential new friends what there’s is! Well at least not the first time I meet them! However once we matureContinue reading “Midweek Musings – How do you choose your pals?”

Our Child Free Trip To Glasgow

A few weeks before the October holidays while out for lunch with my mother in law, she let it slip that there might be a secret my husband had planned coming up. For those of you who know me or my husband you will know this is not the first time he’s surprised me withContinue reading “Our Child Free Trip To Glasgow”

Diastasis What Now? Trying To Get Fit After Twins

Diastasis recti abdominis is a separation of the rectus abdominal muscles at the linea alba. Physiopedia With my first pregnancy I was 28, pretty physically fit and carrying one baby. My recovery was pretty straight forward. With my second it wasn’t. When you’re told you’re carrying twins I don’t think many woman first think ‘ohContinue reading “Diastasis What Now? Trying To Get Fit After Twins”

Midweek Musings: When The Kids Are Away!

Recently I read an article on whether people enjoy time without their children or not. It got me thinking if people feel the same way that me and my husband do. Child free time for us is bloody exhilarating! I didn’t crave child free time so much when it was just one child I wasContinue reading “Midweek Musings: When The Kids Are Away!”

The First Year with Twins (Part 2)

As I mentioned in the first part of this blog, many people told us that after the first year things would get easier. Yet for me, I really noticed a difference when the twins passed 6 months. I have so many amazing and enjoyable memories from the second part of the year which included aContinue reading “The First Year with Twins (Part 2)”

Midweek Musings: Mundane Mess

Mess. I live my life surrounded by mess. No matter how often I declutter or tidy the house, it is a midden at least 95% of the time. I understand that with three young children my house will never be Instagram perfect all of the time, but I do wonder how others seem to keepContinue reading “Midweek Musings: Mundane Mess”

The First Year with Twins (Part 1)

Just get through the first year, then it gets easier. These were the words we heard in twin antenatal classes. These were the words we were told once the twins were born. These were the words I repeated over and over again when I didn’t think I could cope any longer. And if you areContinue reading “The First Year with Twins (Part 1)”