Diastasis What Now? Trying To Get Fit After Twins

Diastasis recti abdominis is a separation of the rectus abdominal muscles at the linea alba. Physiopedia With my first pregnancy I was 28, pretty physically fit and carrying one baby. My recovery was pretty straight forward. With my second it wasn’t. When you’re told you’re carrying twins I don’t think many woman first think ‘ohContinue reading “Diastasis What Now? Trying To Get Fit After Twins”

The First Year with Twins (Part 1)

Just get through the first year, then it gets easier. These were the words we heard in twin antenatal classes. These were the words we were told once the twins were born. These were the words I repeated over and over again when I didn’t think I could cope any longer. And if you areContinue reading “The First Year with Twins (Part 1)”